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Quality - Radians Design


We value our hard work, and we value our customers, and that is why we use the highest quality materials in the market to reproduce our digital design. 

Using Epson state-of-the-art Ultrachrome technology, we reproduce the most accurate color possible with mixture 11 different colors. Unlike the traditional CMYK printing (4 colors), the inks can capture the most subtle tone change. We only use the authentic ink made by Epson, and these archival-grade inks can last more than 200 years without any color fading. 

The poster is made with the Epson Ultra-Premium Presentation Paper Matte. This type of paper is widely used in art gallery and photography exhibition. The paper weights 192 gsm, and with its special surface coating, it will produce a beautiful, matte finish with the inks. 

We hope you can enjoy our works just as much as we do.