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About US

About Us - Radians Design

About US

I remember this sentence from the documentary <Helvetica>: “Life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against ugliness.” This rings true to me. I would get angry when I see an ugly advertisement, a poorly constructed chair, or a badly designed website. Because after all, no matter if it is graphic, interaction, or industrial design, it should be beautiful, easy to use, and bring joy into people's life. This is what I hope and aim to achieve with Radians Design. I pour that anger and passion to fight for ugliness into my own works. I didn’t spend 4 years in a prestigious design school, but I can sit in front of my computer for hours and hours until I get it right. Until I can call it an excellent work, or even, if I dare to say, perfection.

Hope you can feel it too.

Karl W.,